Me Made May 2020

I wasn’t sure initially whether to participate in this year’s Me Made May. My daughter is just six months old and at the moment there’s only a small selection of my handmade clothes that a) fit me comfortably and b) are also nursing friendly. Oh yeah and there’s the global pandemic so I’m not going anywhere other than out for my government sanctioned walk.

That being said since starting maternity leave I’ve found that I really benefit from making the effort to get dressed properly most days. I’ve been sick of wearing the same maternity clothes for months on end and have felt a little lift when I’ve worn some of my handmade clothes again.

I’ve enjoyed the community spirit of Me Made May in the past and it usually gives me some ideas about where I want to invest my sewing time/what I’d rather just buy. I also like seeing how people wear their handmade clothing and it’s nice to see which items get worn time and time again.

So with that in mind, I’ll gently join in and pledge to wear one or two items of me made clothing each week during May. I’ll document on Instagram if/when I feel like it and also aim to identify any garments which could do with some repairs etc to enable more frequent wear (even if I don’t actually get the repairing done!)

Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s Me Made May too!

1 thought on “Me Made May 2020”

  1. Very similar thoughts about joining in as I have written about too. I think this is a really positive way to participate in something whilst getting individual meaning and enjoyment out of it too.
    Look forward to seeing how it goes.


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