Sequin Scout Tee

I shared some pictures of my sequin top on Instagram recently and a few people have asked questions about it so thought I’d put it in a blog post 😊

My inspiration came from a blog post by Guthrie and Ghani who included a sequin Scout Tee in their Party Sewing series.

I’d bought 1m of sequin fabric the previous year without any real plans of what to use it for. (I think I’d been watching Strictly and felt inspired to make something shiny!) so when I saw Lauren’s blog post I knew exactly what to do with it!


The pattern is the Scout Tee by Grainline Studio. I’d made this before a couple of times and based on past experience know that I prefer a slightly closer fit than the pattern is drafted for so I sized down by a couple of sizes.

The pattern is ideal for beginners, with the most fiddly bit being the neckline binding… But here’s the thing, when you make the sequin version you add a lining instead of the neckband so in some ways that makes it easier? Or at least I think so anyway.


The fabric I used was from Fabric Godmother

For the sequin fabric the sequins come stitched into a mesh background like this:

Which is good news for anyone who thought I’d stitched them on individually by hand!

I used a rotary cutter for cutting my pieces because its easier to replace that blade than blunt my scissors, plus the rotary cutter gives you a bit more control on a slippery surface. I’d also use pins rather than pattern weights for the same reason. Watch out for sequins flying off though and be prepared to leave a trail of sparkles wherever you go afterwards!

When it came to the sewing itself I used a denim needle and turned the speed down on my machine so I could take my time.

To make the top you follow the instructions for the Scout Tee but skip the steps for the neckline binding. Then repeat the process again using your lining fabric. The fabric you choose for your lining might shine though the sequins so you might want to take that into consideration as it can change the final appearance of your top.

Once you have your two tops (one sequin and one lining) then you place one inside the other so that the fabrics are right sides together, then sew them together around the neckline using a 15mm seam allowance. After that all you need to do is understitch your seam allowances to the lining to help keep the lining to the inside.

Another useful tip is that you don’t need to use your iron for pressing as you could melt the sequins! You can just press the seams open with your fingers or alternatively press them open with your fingers and lay a book (or your switched off iron) on top of it if it’s being a bit stubborn.

The Scout Tee is ideal for sequin sewing because it has a lovely simple shape so it really shows off the fabric choice. After I made my own top I made a second one for my sister and really enjoyed getting an excuse to play with sequins again! If you’re planning some sequin sewing I hope this post has been useful for you!

3 thoughts on “Sequin Scout Tee”

  1. It’s gorgeous, I love it. I too have been inspired by Lauren’s recent party series and I’m going to make the shortened version in the two tone sequin fabric. So I’m guessing the sleeves are lined as well? Did you hem them or leave them on the cut edge? Thank you for sharing x


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