Cleo Pinafore


I’d made this once pattern before prior to when I bought my overlocker and had begun to find the edges wearing a little from being worn so often so I added it to my #2018makenine list.


The previous Cleo I made in a midwash denim which I purchased from Fabric Godmother. While planning my 2nd Cleo I got to wondering if just maybe I’d have enough denim remaining to make another one, and it turns out I did! I also had a box of fabric dye which had been sitting in my drawer for ages so I got to work with dyeing the fabric darker. (thankfully it was machine dye and therefore very easy to use!)

Sizing / alterations

I didn’t need to make any alterations to the pattern pieces. I opted for a single front pocket which I added a sewing themed patch to (Colette patch purchased Sew Me Sunshine)

I ran out of denim for the facings so made these in some very stable stretch cotton remnants. (which also means it has cool polkadot facings!)

Sewing experience

I really liked making Cleo. As with all Tilly’s patterns it’s easy to follow. I felt more brave this time around and used contrast colour topstitching.

How long did it take to make

Most of my sewing time is in a few hours in an evening when I get the chance, and if I’m lucky I get the whole day to play with my sewing machine at a weekend.

This Cleo was made over the course of 3 evening sewing sessions. The patch I used needed to be hand sewn and this probably took the longest time of the whole process.

Finished garment

I used dungaree buckles for this version. Always fun when your sewing requires you to use a hammer!

I’m also really proud that I’ve managed to make the whole thing with fabric and notions that I already owned which is why it’s also my #makeyourstash entry. (see @timetosew / @pilar_bear on Instagram for more information)

Wear with /wearability

It’s a loose fitting dungaree dress and very comfortable to wear. Having added the patch I think it will be more appropriately worn casually and seems to work best with a fitted top underneath.

Any changes for next time

For me this pattern works straight from the packet. I enjoyed adding a little customisation to the pocket and this is something I’d like to play with for any future Cleos.

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