August sewing – baby blanket

Our close friends had a beautiful baby boy last week after what felt like the longest pregnancy ever. I made a baby blanket for their new son. 

I found fat quarter bundles a few months ago in Hobbycraft and bought one bundle in blues, yellows, green and purple and another bundle in pinks, purples and whites and then held off on making the blanket until I heard the baby had arrived safely. I ended up just using 4 of the six FQs that came in the bundle. 

I cut my FQs into patchwork squares, leaving a 10mm seam allowance. Then organised a pattern for my pieces. 

Once all these pieces had been stitched into rows and the rows stitched into one large piece I sewed in a double layer of wadding. 

To make a border and the back of the quilt I cut up a single bed sheet. I find bedsheets as quilt backings are a way of getting a good amount of fabric at an inexpensive price. 

I then attached the back by pairing everything right sides together and stitching  around the edge. I turned everything right way out and then folded and made a small but just visible running stitch along the final edge to close everything up. 

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