Settlers of Catan cushion

When I’m not sewing things I’m busy being nerdy in other ways. A few years ago my partner and I were given a board game called “Settlers of Catan” for our birthdays, and since then have become hooked. We have an ongoing ‘Catanpionship’ with two of our close friends (and amazingly are still friends in spite of how competitive it can become!). So I made them this Settlers of Catan themed cushion ☺️

I soon learned that hexagons are a pain to sew! You need to leave a tiny gap at the end of each row of stitches so that they can be folded against each other to lie flat. The problem I ran into was actually leaving too large a gap and then having to go back and handstitch the gaps closed at the end. 

I made a hexagonal template from card and used this to cut out my pieces. Then I arranged them in order and sewed it all together. I used toy/craft stuffing to fill the cushion and slipstitched the final gaps closed.

I also put a label on one of my items for the first time! To do this I used photo printing paper and ironed the transfer onto a piece on ribbon. 😊

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