Moving onto dressmaking

The thought of dressmaking seemed so beyond me to begin with so I was absolutely delighted to find that I could do it!

I started off ordering a couple of Tilly & The Buttons patterns and some fabric online from Fabric Godmother. This was where I met my first challenge of learning to sew by myself, on an island with no sewing shops! On my first go I sewed up the Agnes top perfectly…before realising I knew nothing about different fabric types and their properties and hence there was no way the finished product was going to fit me. I’d chosen a quilting cotton on the strength of it’s cutesy pattern for a top which needed to be made of stretch jersey. In some respects though it was good to learn the hard way as this has made me much more wary of making the same mistake in the future. (Fabric ain’t cheap!)

On the left, looking pretty but completely impractical in the wrong fabric!

For Christmas 2015 I asked for the Tilly & The Buttons book “Love at First Stitch”.  I gradually worked my way though the patterns, and this was a great way to learn as each pattern built on techniques you’d learned in the last one. Also they were really cute patterns which helped!

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For someone starting out sewing I’d recommend getting a beginners book that will help you get to grips with what to do, although I wish I’d discovered Sewing magazines earlier as they tend to come with a free pattern which is an easy way to build up a collection of simple things to make.


I’ve collected up a fair few patterns now and still haven’t made some of them – you can never have too many choices though!







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